Hobbit House:


Eleven years ago we moved from the Clark County, KY to Harrison County, KY. It is a one hour drive, but in many ways it seemed like we’d moved to another state altogether.

For one thing, the soil in Clark County was…. Well… soil. We would rotor-till a big patch of our back yard and make grooves, put in seed, cover them up and voila! Veggies!




Most of us love to have missionaries come to our church to speak about the work they are doing…. But most of us don’t think about wha t these missionaries have had to do before they get to the church building, or what they will do when they leave… out of sight, out of mind…we’re all a bit guilty of that from time to time…




     Our Vision is to see that missionaries, those who have dedicated their lives, often giving up their homes and possessions to pursue the work of spreading the Gospel around the world, are given a simple measure of care while they are here in the States….