Most of us love to have missionaries come to our church to speak about the work they are doing…. But most of us don’t think about wha t these missionaries have had to do before they get to the church building, or what they will do when they leave… out of sight, out of mind…we’re all a bit guilty of that from time to time…


In truth, the preparation and execution of a trip to the states to visit their supporting churches is overwhelming. First of all, many of them are going from the field one day, where they are in full-time ‘work mode’ to a plane flight that takes them way out of their time zone, still dragging their cares and worries for what they leave behind, into an entirely different culture, often a complete turnabout in weather, and immediate flurry of activities and expectations.     READ MORE---



     Our Vision is to see that missionaries, those who have dedicated their lives, often giving up their homes and possessions to pursue the work of spreading the Gospel around the world, are given a simple measure of care while they are here in the States….


   ~That care will be to provide a home, centrally located to many Christian church bases, to be used for furloughs and quiet retreat.

   ~That care will be to provide a peaceful setting of land and seclusion to recharge their energies for the field.

   ~That care will be to provide vehicles to be used by the missionaries as they travel stateside.   READ MORE---